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Okay so





Who takes the crown for the best legendary ?
:icongrasstypeplz: & :iconfiretypeplz:

At the top of the ancient beanstalk lived a legendary pokemon hidden among the clouds. 
With the power to create plantation its believed this pokemon created flower pokemon.
Its often referred to as the Legend of life.

Encounter moves: Fire blast, synthesis, Hurricane, Leaf sword.
Alrighty so if anyone doesnt know i suffer anxiety. In 2015 i was depressed and it lasted longer then it should have it was triggered by my break up with the first boyfriend i ever had. It begam long before him though through out highschool in year 11 i was bullied and humiliated for a whole year and made no friends after moving highschools. I was picked on by a group of 8 guys atleast andthing were getting taken to far to the point of harrasment. After that came judgement from my step dad when he found out i was gay because he is christian and suffered many years of humiliation and being bullied , it got out of control also and sometimes would end violently. Then in april some time after all this was sort of still happening my favorite uncle passed away and i was an emotional reck for so long. I thought nothing good would happen much after that but then i fell inlove with the first time but as the relation went on my boyfriend at the time was suffering suicidal depression and began getting addicted to drugs but i thought i could change him and for 10 long months i was dragged down to a slump and i had lost myself in someone elses misery and pain i absorbed all the negative energy from the endless abuse mentally, physically and i was pushed to the point of no return so after he left i snapped and i got depression because my emotions over 5 years were supressed until i broke down. After a year and several months on anti depressants i managed to over come my depression and morbid ways , when your depressed you feel like you are a empty shell and your sinking in yourself and feeding the endless void in your heart negative energy which begins to make you hear voices in your head saying how unworthy of a human being you are. I would cry all day every day for so many days and it almsot cost me my job,  it was unbearable and i never wanted to feel that pain again because it took so long to over come it. So it brings me to now after a long time of having no anxiety/depression i have found myself in the same pattern of negative mind set and then recently my anxiety came back and its now to the point at everyday i feel like shit because im doing well but anxiety latches onto any form of fear and makes it 10 times worse and as unusual as this sounds my biggest fear is Death , and my anxiety has found a way to manipulate it to make it seem like that its going to happen soon which realistically it isnt but its the fear of the unkown.  Tonight i went to a club with my cousin and the night began fun and gradually got tired and then id say 4 hours into the night we had 30 minutes left until we left which was 1.30am and then out of no where i got a massive serge of adrenalin and pins and needles and heavy breathing and at the moment i freaked out for no reason infront of many people and had a full panic attack and i felt angry because i never have them and never felt like i would have one ever again but there i was tight chested , taking deep breathes and almost passing out. I didnt drink any alchohol i never drink i was 100 percent sober and my initial thought was someone spiked my drink of fizzy that i had and then i realized i was having a full panic attack. I was hugely embarassed but my cousin helped me calm down and laugh it off i had lost control in my hand and i felt numb as if i couldn't move my hands because i was clenching them so tight they were locked. But now i am in bed typing this and i think i need to possibly seek some form a therapy, because my anxiety is coming back but theres really no reason why it should be back because i am on track with my life but at the moment my mind isnt like a average persons mind im far more open to things which is a main problem for my mind being able to see things as what they are i go to far in depth and things arent simple there overly complex and i find myself burning through 100 thoughts at a time and my minds in overdrive.

So i just thought id share this because theres people on here in my shoes and I feel i am here to help anyone that needs it and I would love if anyone knows or is a survivor of this stuff has stories of how they have overcome it because i feel like i was great and then it just came back and i feel stumped.


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Azure136 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Hey, I have been watching your sprites and they look extremely good. They look like they came out of bw itself. How would you like to help with a fangame? Sorry to bother you.

Just join the discord

Yeah, sorry for this. its kinda demanding but i really need spriters and yours look exceptionally good.

*this is a free made game. I am only looking for entries that are donated.
justme3345 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017
People like you could work for Pokemon itself. Your designs are amazing!
bigrika Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+devwatch:!
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Thanks a lot for the fave. Your Fakemon's are awesome---they have a soft, glossy quality to them
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JustinNuggets Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hosting a Pokemon redesign contest if you're interested :D
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Treh, thanks for watching!!!  :happybounce:    La la la la 
Cheers from Toronto.
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thanks for watching :)
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